Arturo O’Farrill – Marians Jazz Room – Bern

Jazz Music is all about mood, and so is Jazz Photography. It’s been a while since I last shot Live Jazz Music at the legendary  Marians Jazz Room in Bern Switzerland. While staying in Bern I had the pleasure to meet the very sympathetic  2-times Grammy Award winner Arturo O’Farrill and his family band. With Arturo himself on the piano, his two sons Adam (trumpet) and Zack (drums) as well as Carlo DeRosa (bass), I was offered a great experience of intense and moody Latin Jazz.

I was keen on trying out the Fuji X system for this type of shooting. Both X-T1 and X-Pro1 performed as I wished, autofocus was easy despite the low light. I used the Fujinons 56 F1.2 and 35 F1.4 wide open, but wished at times I had a longer focal length to get more close ups and shallower DOF.

Thank you Marians Jazz Room & Benny Z for this great shoot!



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