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Portrait Session with Molla La Donna

Another portrait session with the wonderful Molla La Donna. A great shooting together with friend and photographer

Karina Nevecheria – Ukrainian Dancer & Tricker

Ukrainian Dancer & Tricker Karina Nevecheria, photographed during a video shooting session for VALMET, in

Tricking Champion Vellu Saarela & Team

Shooting the amazing Finnish Tricking Champion Vellu Saarela & his team. Mindblowing and lightning fast, sheer

JJK U14 – Player Shooting – Player Cards

Introducing the JJK U14 Season 2014 team. Easily done with a mobile studio before or during a training session, player

Promo Portraits with Actor Daniel L – Zurich

Actors regularly need to update their portraits for actor catalogues, such as the catalogue of the  SBKV