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Verzasca 2013: Cheap light, big pics

Using cheap torchlights to emulate 1930’s hollywood glamour lighting. Models: Céline & Céline Andrea

Verzasca 2013: Fighting Models

Playing with simple speedlight setups. Models: Céline & Céline Andrea

Verzasca 2013: Beauty & Lingerie

Models: Céline & Céline Andrea

Val Verzasca 2013: Let there be splash, and flash

Creating stunning pictures with simple means, such as the creative use of speedlights was one of the key topics at

Verzasca 2013: Andrea

This image deserves a post of its own. Beauty, simplicity, a mixture of tranquility and anticipation, and ambiance. It

Verzasca 2013: Beauty on the Rocks

Co-organized together with Felix Peter, the Verzasca photography workshop was awesome! The main topics tought